Barco TV Commercial


What's the deal?

Barco wanted to showcase their ClickShare product in a fresh and engaging way to reach a younger audience.
So, we teamed up with Gang Production House and directors Miles Cable and AJ Favicchio to create a unique CGI film.

Our goal was to maintain a human touch in the commercial while utilizing classic VFX techniques.

In the film, we depict an old, uninspiring meeting room where attendees struggle to hear clearly due to poor audio quality. The solution? Barco’s ClickShare. The moment it's plugged in, the meeting room transforms into a vibrant, modern space, and the audio becomes crystal clear, enhancing the overall meeting experience.


Watch how a boring meeting room transforms into a modern space the moment Barco’s audio bar is plugged in with the magic of VFX.

And here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes, because who doesn’t love a cool VFX breakdown?

Impact and Results

The campaign was a hit, resonating well with the target audience and successfully highlighting the transformative power of Barco’s ClickShare.

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