Virtual Store

What's the deal?

Swarovski wanted to create an amazing online shopping experience. So, we teamed up with fashion art director Lena Novello and Crush Services to build a cool virtual store that looks just like a real Swarovski shop, complete with all the sparkling crystals and fancy lighting.


Creating a high-quality virtual store experience on the web was tricky. Traditional web technology just couldn’t deliver the level of detail we needed. To get around this, we decided to use pixel streaming. This allowed us to run the experience on a powerful cloud machine and stream it to users' devices. This way, users enjoyed a seamless and high-quality experience without needing high-end hardware themselves.


We hosted the virtual store on a cloud server. Users accessed it through their web browsers, experiencing the same high-quality visuals and smooth performance as if they were using a top-of-the-line gaming PC. This tech made it possible to deliver a photorealistic and interactive store experience on any device, from desktops to smartphones​

Try it yourself!

Impact and Results

The virtual store was a hit, getting more people to interact with the brand and helping boost sales while reducing returns.

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