World Animal Protection

Campaign for the Voiceless

What's the deal?

Sometimes, the best way to send a message is to let the subjects do the talking—literally. We brought animals into the spotlight, digitally speaking, to tell their own stories.

Raising awareness about animals in captivity is tough when you can’t hear from the animals themselves. World Animal Protection needed a compelling way to give these animals a voice.


We went all-in with some 3D animation and VFX to bring a dolphin and a lion to life. Here’s what we cooked up

Speak Up: These weren’t just any animations; we made our dolphin and lion talk directly to the audience. They shared their stories, telling people loud and clear: "We don’t belong in captivity; we belong in the wild."

Making It happen: We started with detailed models of a dolphin and a lion, then rigged them up for full facial expressions. We made sure every word they "spoke" matched their mouth movements perfectly—making their message feel real and urgent.

Impact and Results

The campaign had over 665,000 views online. It got people talking and thinking differently about captivity.


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