Showtown Museum

Interactive Exhibit

What's the deal?

Museums aren’t just about staring at old stuff anymore. At Showtown Blackpool, we flipped the script. It’s all about touching, playing, and making history feel alive and kicking.

Let’s face it, museum visits can sometimes feel like a snooze fest. Showtown needed something special to shake things up and pull in a crowd who wants more than just a history lesson.


We started with the basics—make it easy and fun. No tech headaches allowed. Then we set up the system to show off everyone’s masterpieces right on the spot.

The Showtime Gallery isn’t just another exhibit. It’s a place where you can touch, create, and be part of the show. We made sure it’s a blast for anyone who walks in.

Paint the Town: Grab a digital brush, splash some color, and watch your work pop up on the main display. It’s like a group art project where everyone pitches in.

Make it Move: Here, your animations come alive. You create them, and then they join everyone else's for a collective showcase that keeps growing and changing.

Impact and Results

Visitor Increase:

30% boost in visitor numbers within the first three months.


40% rise in time spent per exhibit.


Think your space could use a dose of fun?
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